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Milf Humiliation

We loves milfs being tied up when fucked, destroying their pussys and faces, and teaching them what it is to get fucked hard since we know their husbands aint doing it to them anymore. So we found some nice guys that were willing to do some charity work and take these moms to the moon

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Janet Mason

We tied up Janet Mason for being a dirty slut and not listening to us when we told her to get down on her back and fuck. I mean, she was already paid for the job so she had better listen to us. So we took it upon ourselves to punish her for being bad. We tied her up with chains, gags, and force fucked her mouth and wet pussy harder than she has been able to get it from her husband in years. This was teh best dick shes had in ages, i think shell be back for more, especially after the cumshot she took in the face!

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Janet Mason - Milf Humiliation

Marilyn Scott

Marilyn Scott came to us looking to get defiled, and boy did we fulfill her dreams, i think we might have exceeded expectations this time because she didnt know if she wanted to cry from how good the sexy was, or if she was tearing up from how much pain she was in, regardless of how much she liked it. We had her tied up to a walla and shoved dildos in her twat, forced cock in her mouth, bent her over and fucked the shit out of her dripping wet pussy before unloading a huge shot of cum on her face, before smearing it all over and letting her loose.

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Marilyn Scott - Milf Humiliation

Nikki Austin

This bitch Nikki Austin came over for a hardcore fucking session and she made sure that she was going to be tied up and gagged. She was tired of softcore porn scenes and really wanted to have a good time today. She got what she asked for, and then some. Lucky for her we had all the tools that she could imagine at her disposal to being tied up, gagged, chained, locked up and tied over the table. She couldnt move an inch while we forced fed her cock into her mouth, forcing her to gag and spit up some, lubing up the cock so it was nice and we and ready to get shoved into her twat before a massive load of cum all over her face when done.

Nikki Austin - Milf Humiliation

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Harcore Milf BDSM

You can always deny that your wife (and mother of 2 kids, aged 4 and 6) is a whore when she dresses for work as if she was going out to a club or some shit. When you see her on some website, tied up and suspended by a bunch of freaks, her pussy squirting weird female cum, well, that's unquestionable evidence. And if you don't want to believe it, then it's your loss and our gain, because she will be back for more my friend...

Trina has an 8-year old step-daughter. Her husband is a lawyer, so we've been extra-careful not to leave any visible marks. They've been married for 5 years already and we can definitively say that this bitch has too much time on her hands. Maybe The husband should knock her up. She'd have a kid of her own to take care of, instead of getting fucked up by strangers. She's one of the rare whores to take the fuck saw right up her ass. That's how jaded she is...

BDSM Humiliation
Phoenix Marie

Phoenix Marie came to us, a bit broke, and tired from getting fucked soft in porn scenes that were supposed to be hardcore, but didnt live up to her expectations. She knew where to come to get that problem taken care of, so she came over here to get gagged, tied, forced fucked, chained, and smacked up a bit with a big cock. We have it to give it to her, she took it like a champ and wanted more when it was all over. She got tied down to a table, force fucked, and had a load of cum get shot and rubbed all over her face with the cock, and there was nothing she could do about it, but she loved it!

Phoenix Marie - Milf Humiliation

Raquel Devine

Fucking shit, you have never seen a woman want the dick so bad in your life until you get a chance to see Raquel Devine in this hardcore bdsm fucking scene. She wanted to be humiliated, and boy did we come through. She couldnt even walk after we were done with tearing up this sluts pussy. She had high powered dildos shoved into her pussy, ball and gag in her mouth, got face fucked and then bent over and had a dick shoved into her with no mercy or ability for her to move. This gave her the best orgasm shes had in years and we gave her the biggest facial and cock smacking than shell ever get in her life. This bitch was humiliated for sure.

Raquel Devine - Milf Humiliation

Sienna West

So wow, what a day that we get to get Sienna West in here to get fucked. She wasnt looking for the average porn scene today and she book this shoot with us since she know what she was looking for and we had it! She wanted to get fucked for real and not want to be able to move for the next week. So, of course we handled this for her. She hadnt been tied up and forced to take cock in years and was tired of having to do the work. So we tied her hands and legs together so she couldnt move and all she could do was take cock as hard as we gave it to her in her mouth and pussy. We even made her spit up from shoving cock down her throat too far. The cumshot she took was insane!

Sienna West - Milf Humiliation

milf humiliation
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